Thursday Nov 26

Blood: The Last Vampire Trailer


BLOOD_-_QuadPathe has sent over the trailer for their epic new movie Blood: The Last Vampire. Based on the iconic anime film of the same name, the film is a modern-day, English language thriller starring South Korean actress Gianna Jun and Koyuki Katou (The Last Samurai)

018849.jpg_cmykSaya (Jun) appears to be a normal 17-year-old girl, but in reality she is a 400-year-old tormented 'halfling', born to a human father and a vampire mother. For centuries she has been ridding the world of vampies using her samurai skills - even though she also needs human blood to survive. When she is sent to an American military base in Tokyo, Saya realises she has been given the opportunity to finally destory Onigen (Koyuki), the matriach of all vampies...

Directed by Kiss the Dragon helmer Chris Nahon, Blood: The Last Vampire is released in the UK for Pathe Productions by Warner Bros on June 26th. Check out the blood-drenched trailer below..

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